Linux, Mac, and Windows Application 

Rapid Serve Local GIS Vector Data as Standard Mapping Services

Serves vector local GIS vector data (ESRI Shapefile, GeoJSON, KML, GPKG Vector features SQLite database and PostGIS /PostgreSQL Database tables) 

Other Features:

  • XYZ & OGC WMTS Raster Tiles with tile.json and get capabilities from local MBTILES and GPKG SQLite Map Tiles

  • load PFX  Certificate to enable SSL and configure a domain name

  • Styling of data

Initial promo price $399

Includes build-in Map Viewers (2D and advanced 3D)

Purchase includes one install

f you are interested in a License Key valid for Multiple installs or Multiple Apps

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Pair it with Vector 2 Raster Desktop to deliver XYZ or WMTS PNG Map Tiles

GeoServices REST API and Dynamic PBF Vector Tiles from local GIS Files and PostGIS Database Tables and MBTILES and GPKG (Cached Map Tiles) Vector TIles, Raster Tiles, Elevation/Terrain Tiles

100% Compatible with OGC and ESRI

Delivers GeoServices REST API FeatureServer and dynamic PBF VectorTileServer URL's

 Sources accepted:

✔GPKG – GeoPackage SQLite vector features

✔ ESRI Shapefile (SHP)


✔  CSV

✔ PostGIS/PostgreSQL Database tables

✔ via the FDW – Foreign Data Wrapper for postgres and materialized views connect to ODBC, JDBC Sources, MySQL, Oracle Spatial, MS SQL Server, CouchDB, MongoDB, BigQuery GIS, ClickHouse, Hive, Apache Arrow, Apache Kafka, Cassandra, RethinkDB, RocksDB,SAP, SQLite/Spatialite, ESRI Mobile Geodatabase, GeoParquet, GeoAvro, OGR formats, SQLALchemy Python Sources, sources, and many other formats. 


The GeoServices REST API is a query searchable endpoint that returns JSON, GML, and GeoJSON.  

It also includes an advanced map viewer accessible to any device on that same network that rapidly let’s you connect to the data being served. 

The map also has many tools and widgets and allows the user to quickly mashup their other local data and online internet mapping services. The map also supports catalog loading “JSON” file to import with a catalog generator webpage building that.

The mapping services can be added to existing mapping applications like ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, QGIS Desktop, Manifold, Global Mapper, MapInfo or other web applications or mobile mapping apps.

  • Monitor Folder and automatically load data and serve it (this works with GeoPackage vector features and raster tiles and MBTILES raster tiles, vector tiles, and terrain-elevation tiles)

  • Support for OGC API Features Endpoint (which provides HTML, JSON, and GeoJSON) Queryable Searchable URL compatible with most mapping apps.

  • Add QR Code Support to rapidly share URLs

  • New endpoint for working with ATAK, WINTAK, and other TAK Apps /tak that includes zip file of tile.xml for the raster tiles. Users open up this URL on their end-user devices to rapidly configure raster tiles URLs.

  • Support for OSGEO TMS – Tile Map Service Raster Tile URLs with tileset.xml for compatibility with Cesium GameEngines and other Mapping Clients that may be unable to work with OGC API Tiles/XYZ or OGC WMTS.

  • Discover web page includes links to the source data so it acts as a Data Distribution Edge Server.

Integration Points:

  • Use Geo Data Server with PostgreSQL’s Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) and ( you can connect to other databases and data warehouses including MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, ClickHouse, CouchDB, MongoDB, SQLite, ODBC and JDBC Drivers to connect to other systems  or  and even GDAL/OGR drivers and files like GeoParquet, JSON, CSV/TSV

Coming Soon… Pair with our new Vector Tiles 2 Raster Tile app building raster tiles if you have applications /mapping client that does not support vector tiles.

Other Data Serving Apps that are Compliment 

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